Winning roulette Strategies to Help You Win Most of the Time

There are a lot of methods and theories that players have developed over the years to try and increase their roulette payouts. While most of these tend to work well in the short run, if you are looking to build a steady income out of roulette, they will all end up failing eventually. To be able to win continuously at roulette, you will not only need to have a sound strategy, but will also need to know when to quit.


Before working on your strategy, it is very important for you to understand that sometimes, things just might not be going your way and it’s time to quit instead of waiting for that one huge roulette payout. Once this is clear in your head, you can move on and read some of the below roulette payout strategies which are proven to work:

Martingale Procedure

Here, the gambler simply has to double their bets each time they lose. It’s one of the oldest techniques to have been used in gambling. The concept is easy to understand and even easier to apply. Just remember that sometimes, it just isn’t your day and you should quit.

Labouchere Procedure

This is another type of cancellation system. It uses distinct combinations of betting to modify counting on the result of the final bet. It usually asks gamblers to keep written records of how they are taking part in the game. This procedure is tempting since it has a high winning ratio, but it is a little difficult to understand.

Fibonacci system

Lastly, this system is dependent on the sequence of the roulette payout amounts. It means continuously betting on values depending on if the gambler is winning or losing. It has proven to be quite effective when it comes to winning at the roulette table.

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